We seek progressive founders and companies who possess a new age worldview.

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    New Age Business Models

    When businesses grow - so should their customers

    New Age Business Models

    We attract and seek progressive founders and companies who possess a new age worldview.  A worldview that understands that consumers are the most critical part of any commerce equation and therefore deserve a slice of the growth for their critical support. Whether goods or services, landowners or renters, technology enables the blurring of the lines between buyers and sellers. Here, we share a new age worldview whereas businesses will enable relative growth for the people who make them what they are.  If you believe in that, you are home.

    Our Mission Statement

    Our goal is to incubate new age business models that enable relative growth for the people who make businesses what they are. We will be successful by helping startups embed this model from the beginning and we will be successful helping established businesses reinvent themselves, or we will be successful by helping startups reinvent, disrupt and replace legacy models to provide relative growth for consumers through our new age models for inclusiveness.

    How to Apply

    Currently we are in the process of setting up operations to the public with an emphasis on colleges and universities having innovation exchanges. In the meantime, we are incubating a chosen few businesses virtually. Please subscribe to receive updates on our progress or use the contact form below to message us and/or add your name or company to our list of "interested parties". We will get back to you shortly with details about our program paths.

    We're on a first come first served basis, so getting on the "interested parties" list sooner than later, is highly recommended.

    Gross wealth Inequality begins with outdated business models


    Buyers Earned Equity Exchange PBC: the common man and woman's blockchain stock market

    aka The BEE Exchange PBC

    FunctionalFirst PBC: unique and useful mobile accessories, public safety kits, teleprompter kits, driver safety kits and more

    Snapitation: fun imitations, singing, dancing, comedy and more for prizes

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